Types of Loans – Equity Financing

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Eligible Projects

Multifamily, retail, industrial, office, hospitality and condominium projects in connection with development/construction, acquisitions and value added renovations.

Eligible Property Locations

50 States and most parts of Canada. Markets with strong market fundamentals in place.

Deal Size

$250,000 minimum equity investment. $3 Million minimum transaction size.

Investment Amounts

In some cases, Red Pine will assemble funding for up to 95% of the required equity amount.

Target Returns

Depending upon project dynamics, sponsor suitability and deal structure, investors will target overall IRR returns between 15% and 30% and preferred returns between 8% and 12%.

Tiered Returns

Ownership percentages are based upon mutually established hurdle rates or benchmarks designed to effect the target returns outlined above.

Holding Periods

1 – 5 years. Project durationswill affect risk adjustments in pricing.